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Welcome to Us!

Ali Baba restaurant (Asilah) is your restaurant, we're trying to let you feel that you're at home. if you are worried about the Hygiene, this is your place then.

Mr. Ali Zaidani  

About Us

We are a new modern-traditional restaurant newly built offer all kind of foods, modern,traditional and fast. We are  located about 200m away from "Bab Al-houmar" ..

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Special Recipes

26.04.2013  Special Harira
A special harira offered to you from our specialists.

22.04.2013  Pizza
The most recommended pizza in Asilah until now proposal for you.

22.04.2013  Fish Tagine
Delicious spicy fish tagine is available in our restaurant.

20.04.2013  Shawarma
Hot shawarma with french fries by our Fast-food chef.



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